Bliss Cover
Jules Kim
Jewelry Designer

I think to be a designer; one of the core things that is part of being a designer is being curious and learning new things.

You can’t progress and be a creative person if you don’t try different types of materials, or research different things. So if I only ever worked on the same material for me, it’s just for my creative experience, it just wouldn’t be engaging. I think every time I learn about a new material, I get excited and that I want to work with it, and that’s part of my process. So I’ve started off my process with leather, and I had a handbag line, and then I started working in metal, because of the components that you put on the bag, then became the components that were the core of my collection, so then I was making brass body chains. And, it was less the material, and more the chain as a line to draw on the body, and create different shapes on the form.

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