Kenzo Minami

Graphic Designer

Don't hold back on an idea, don't save your idea for later. Just give it out... When you save it... you never push yourself to come up with something better than that idea, because you know it's there.

Whether he's designing large-scale murals for the Ace Hotel, or limited edition backpacks for Eastpak, Kenzo Minami links all of his endeavors with a sense of structured, internal logic. Tying creative versatility with a dedicated vision allows Kenzo to grow and expand, while nurturing a signature aesthetic. Intention is key: Kenzo develops a unique formula for each project, but he is never afraid to veer from it to follow his instincts.

Getting his start in TV production, Kenzo took an intensive day job to cover his rent and gain experience. After a full day of work, Kenzo put his ambition to use and spent nights in the empty studio working on personal projects.

One such project was a sticker he designed to quality test a printer. A "test" that was so strong it wound up in the hands of a Nike executive, and landed Kenzo his first commissioned mural. Soon, he was making his own line of t-shirts, while still being asked to front special projects for high-profile brands like Reebok and Microsoft. It was not long until a Dunny he designed for Kidrobot found its home in the permanent collection in MoMA's Architecture and Design collection.

For Kenzo, every small project can lead to something huge, something unprecedented. He urges aspiring creatives to put ourselves out there and create, because we never know who will stumble upon our work and recognize its potential. Most of all, we never know how far the bounds of our imaginations go until we push as hard as we can for an even better idea. 

Stories & Surroundings

Written by Caroline Ryder Directed by David Kruta