Alejandro Alcocer

Product Designer

Everything that happens is an opportunity.

Alejandro Alcocer is naturally curious, the sort of risk-taker who’d make a trans-Atlantic leap at age 16. And, he did. He left his native Mexico for Spain, where he trained as a professional chef and started his own skateboard distribution business.

Largely self-taught, Alejandro is a multi-disciplinary mastermind. He’s a chef and restaurateur, an interior and object designer, a leather manufacturer, clothing and accessories maker, a creator of skincare goods, a non-profit nutritional activist—the list goes on. Each of these ventures is an organic manifestation of his travels, interactions and curiosities.

To find a new perspective, Alejandro initiates all his projects and collaborations with intensive research. He lets process lead the way, entrusting it to reveal unexplored creative options. His mission isn’t just to create remarkable products, but to set an example: we can shape our own destinies. Alejandro is aware of the impact we have on our communities and surroundings. And, in his work, he uses goods and materials of the highest quality.

He celebrates his hits and views his misses as opportunities to improve. Setbacks and challenges become a chance to ask for help, to learn and evolve. He works with a variety of materials, but one very special skill set: integrity, dedication, reflection, a sense of humor—and a fearless appreciation for the journey.

Stories & Surroundings

Photography by Courtenay Nearburg Written by Caroline Ryder Directed by David Kruta