1. How do I become a featured artist on Distinct or refer an artist I know?

DISTINCT is always on the lookout for work that inspires us to share with our community. Send us a link to a current project, along with an overview of your own creative journey, with “Contribute to DISTINCT” in the subject line. Please include a phone number, email, and preferred method of contact.

Due to a high volume of submissions, please understand that we will only contact you if your work fits our current needs.

2. How do I enter a design challenge?

All of the instructions for submissions are contained within the challenge descriptions. Most challenges are submitted through the DISTINCT app, unless another third party social platform, like Instagram or Twitter, has been specified.

3. How will the work I post be used by Distinct or it’s partners?

Any and all work you upload to your portfolio page will not be used by DISTINCT or it’s partners for advertising or other marketing. However, work you upload through submissions to a creative challenge is subject to accredited use for marketing purposes by DISTINCT or it’s partners. Our goal remains to help creatives of all types elevate their work and their story.

4. How long do artist features last?

DISTINCT will feature a new artist weekly, however you can always view archived content in the form of artist profiles and content on the DISTINCT website.

5. How do I become an editorial contributor to Distinct?

Have some useful insight to share? Send an email to contribute@distinctdaily.com, and please be sure to include writing samples, links to your published work, and a short bio.

Due to a high volume of submissions, please understand that we will only contact you if your work fits our current needs.

6. How do I flag or report content on Distinct?

You can report inappropriate comments, posts, or people that aren’t following our Terms as soon as you see them within the app and website using our built-in reporting features.

To report a post or profile:

  1. Tap the icon:
  2. Tap “Flag”
  3. Select an option for why your are flagging the post or profile

To report a comment:

  1. Tap “Comments” below the photo
  2. Swipe your finger to the left over the comment you want to report
  3. Tap the icon:
  4. Select an option for why you are comment

When you flag a comment, post, or profile, your report is anonymous and your information is not shared with the originator of the content or profile that was reported.

If we can provide additional support please don’t hesitate to get in touch here.